Executive power gay

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Suit from Zaara, 50% off sale going on now

Shirt from Classic HUD, tie from Pop HUD. Trust me, get both.

Skin by Tableau Vivant

Hair by INK


I’ve gone selfie crazy

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I guess I’m just expressing my excitement over my haul.

fashion_020 fashion_021 fashion_024

Frilly on the pants. Love it. Just hard to find something to pair it with.I went punk.

Another short set. I’ll take these later

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fashion_016 fashion_012 fashion_019

Another look, mostly stuff from The Men’s Dept

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fashion_010 fashion_002 fashion_009

Today’s look

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fashion_001 fashion_003 fashion_004

I feel like a god

Editorial - Draco 5

Seeing me and knowing what I look like, it’s probably no huge surprise that my favorite model would be Andrej Pejic. Or one of them. You know, it totally depends on the day, my mood, whatever. There are so many beautiful people, it’s hard to choose just one. But for today’s purposes, it is Andrej Pejic.

When I bought this dress, I actually hadn’t seen this photo. But once I had, I determined to style myself like it.

And then promptly didn’t.

But, you know, such is life. I am as fickle as my feline companion and as long as Theodore is down with it, I don’t see much reason to change.

Editorial Draco - 6

Photos by Theodore Nacht

Eyes: Poetic Colors pearl-columbia-small mesh
Shoes:  BAX ankle boot metallic silver
Skin: XS Androgyne Boy Tea M.02
Hair: Cheerno Derick Blond, Amacci Hairbase tattoo pearl platinum
Dress: Zaara Vayu in Breeze
Cat: KittyCats Russian White, Twinkle Shade, platinum eyes, 2 tone whiskers on loan from Susannah Luminos

Editorial - Draco 3

Draco Targaryen

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Game of Thrones Theme Auction

Been so long, but I thought I’d try to keep up just a little. Had some fun being a Targaryen!

Outfit: ViGo – GoT Sigil Necklace and House Targaryen
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Thalion Hair
Eyes: Mayfly Liquid LIght Mesh Eyes – Midnight Purple
Skin: Dutch Touch – Ian
Viserion Dragon: Silverfall Dragon – Shoulder Pet

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Have no green and can’t fathom dressing like a Leprechaun? Never fear! NachtMusik is here to help with the Galiant Forest Leather Suit. It features a gorgeous green leather long waistcoat atop a founcy silky white shirt and a pair of saddle leather trousers.

Love the idea but not the flounce? The shirt is finished beneath the arm attachments, so you may wear it with or without the flounce.

And just for today (though possibly a day or so after depending on work *sigh*), it’s only 50L. A full suit that’s not so tackily green that you can wear it all year, only 50L.

Come and get it.


MENstuff Finds

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Didn’t get to do too much hunting before my motion sickness took over. Got to maybe a quarter of what was out there starting from Prodigal, where I had to have the damned gold mesh shirt and was going to hunt until I got it. Love it, but it didn’t make this look.

The fun thing with hunts, aside from the freebies, is rediscovering stores you loved but haven’t been into in a while and finding new stores (well, new to me) to obsess over.

Simple rundown:

Miamai – Jeon Brown

A:S:S – Silence pants

DECO – Test Boot – Newsprint

I slipped on an undershirt since A:S:S pants tend to show a lot of, well, ass and I’m a little prude about that. I wear and enjoy a lot of A:S:S. I consider myself an A:S:S man. The store has a bit for everyone, from the nerdy indie look to the risque clubwear. I fall somewhere in between. Nerdy risque? I dunno. But the price is always right and the quality pleasing.

DECO I love, but last time I was there the offerings were only jewelry (this should tell you how long ago this was) but now there are boots and a fedora you can fling and it boomerangs back. How cool is that? I also bought a cute little art deco display table that’s copy/modify and only 2 prims for only 200Ls. Deal and a half. I’ll be putting that everywhere. Well, not everywhere but you know what I mean. There’s a mix of accessories, women’s wear, boots, trees, and furniture. Go for the boots, stay for the chandelier.

MiaMai is new to me. I could easily go completely broke buying jackets there alone. Really interesting designs that aren’t the sort of thing you see everywhere and the quality is very good–unlike some innovators who are very sloppy about matching seams. A little pricey for what I usually spend, but thus far looks worth it.

I also really loved the Zaara Adyan Kurta, though I didn’t wear it for this blog. It’s lovely and deserves mention, though. And, of course, the Prodigal gold mesh shirt.

That’s just a fraction of what’s available at the MENstuff Hunt and doesn’t even cover what all I loved there. That would take forever to write and read. And, as I said, didn’t get to all of it. Great stuff, but hunt quick, the hunt ends on the last day of February.

Kitten Madness

February 10, 2011 1 comment

Theodore and I adopted some kittens.

I couldn't have been happier about my kitten

I was full of love and adoration.

But I couldn't resist teaching them bad habits.

Theo loves me anyway, but Hera thinks, "Not in front of the kids!"

Get your own KittyCatS!